110+ Elementary STEM Resources for Learning at Home

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There’s nothing easy about being at home right now but it’s even more difficult for curious kids who love learning about the world around them. Thankfully WeAreTeachers’ new Learning at Home resources page provides fresh age-appropriate content that is a welcome relief now that we’re a month into our stay at home orders.

Sponsored by Lysol, the Learning at Home site is packed with educational resources perfect for elementary ages. Parents and teachers of kids in grades K-5 will love diving into a rabbit hole of educational content vetted by teachers such as:

  • Online learning games to practice language and math skills
  • Tips on where to find online books and audio books for free
  • The best age appropriate shows on Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix
  • Easy arts and craft activities as well as kitchen science experiments
  • Helpful advice for staying safe and healthy at home

To make it easy to find age appropriate activities, the Learning at Home resources pages has them sorted by grade level.

You can also find them sorted by subject area.

Or even by resource type!

To give you an idea of the wealth of content, I compiled some of my favorite STEM content available from the WeAreTeachers’ new Learning at Home resources page.

110+ Elementary STEM Resources for Learning at Home

STEM learning at home resources

Best Online Games that are Fun and Educational Too

Our kids are using screens as a learning tool and WeAreTeachers compiled the best educational online games for every grade (K-12!). This list contains math, STEM, literacy, science, art, and more, many of which are providing free premium content to help keep kids learning through school closures.

25 Awesome Virtual Field Trips

No permission slips are needed to travel from the depths of the ocean to legendary museums from the comfort of your living room. Visit a volcanoes, a planetarium, and aquariums all over the country. Travel virtually to National Parks like Yellowstone to watch the Old Faithful Geyser live-stream and make a prediction about when it might erupt next. You can even traverse the surface of Mars thanks to the Curiosity rover. These virtual field trips are ones your elementary schooler will want to take again and again!

25 Nature Webcams for Science Learning at a Distance

STEM learning at home resources

Nature webcams provide us with a window into the animal world while allowing us to learn about habitats and adaptations from afar. WeAreTeachers compiled 25 of the best nature webcams that include live footage from across the country and around the world.

Catch a glimpse of all kinds of living things thanks to the California Academy of Sciences Penguin Cam, Bear Watching Transylvania Live Animal Cam, Mpala Live African Watering Hole, Bella Hummingbird Nest, and more whose webcams are set up for your viewing pleasure!

60+ Best Math Websites

Math isn’t an easy subject to teach or learn virtually but fortunately WeAreTeachers can help! They’ve compiled 60+ of the best teacher-approved math sites in a single post. This list includes comprehensive math programs (think IXL Math & KhanAcademy), interactive tools to use in instruction (ex: Kahoot & BrainPOP), games and activities for students (like CoolMath Games & Funbrain), and resources for teachers.

The Best Science Websites for Elementary Students

WeAreTeachers knows that finding the best science websites for elementary ages isn’t easy so they put together an amazing collection of resources that will continue to foster curiosity. If your young scientist is craving more, be sure to visit their list of science experiments for grades K-8.

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